यूपी बोर्ड, बिहार बोर्ड , झारखण्ड बोर्ड, एमपी बोर्ड, राजस्थान बोर्ड,महाराष्ट्र बोर्ड, हरियाणा बोर्ड, छत्तीसगढ़ बोर्ड, गुजरात बोर्ड,उत्तराखंड बोर्ड या कोई भी state board हो जहा NCERT Syllabus फॉलो किया जाता है उन सभी class 12th बोर्ड के students के लिए निचे दिए गए English(अंग्रेजी) model set 2021 दिया गया है।

Class 12th English(अंग्रेजी) model paper 2021

Objective Type Questions
Question No. 1 to 100 have four options, out of which only one is correct.
You have to mark your selected option on the OMR sheet. You have to
attempt only 50 questions. (50×1=50)

  1. The storm has destroyed ten houses?
    (Choose the correct passive voice)
    (A) Ten houses had been destroyed by the storm.
    (B) Ten houses have been destroyed by the storm.
    (C) Ten houses were destroyed by the storm.
    (D) Ten houses have been stormed.
  2. We …__…….. live without water.?
    (Choose the best auxiliary verb)
    (A) can’t
    (B) needn’t
    (C) shouldn’t
    (D) aren’t
  3. Marigold ……__….. bloom in summer..?
    (Choose the correct tense form)
    (A) should not (C) had not
    (B) does not (D) have not
  4. She said, “You can leave the books here.”?
    (Choose the correct indirect narration)
    (A) She said that they could leave the books.
    (B) She said that they can leave the books.
    (C) She said that they can leave the books.
    (D) She said that they could leave the books there.
  5. When I ……__…….. the ignition on, the car started.?
    (Choose the correct tense form)
    (A) turn (C) turning
    (B) turned (D) will turn
  6. Ritu asked Rekha not to meddle in her affairs.?
    (Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word)
    (A) prevent (C) cross
    (B) impose (D) interfere
  7. Choose the correct sentence.?
    (A) The dentist kept him waiting for over a hour.
    (B) The dentist kept him waiting for over an hour.
    (C) Dentist kept him waiting for over an hour.
    (D) Dentist kept him waiting for the hour.
  8. It may rain. We will get wet.?
    (Choose the correct combination)
    (A) If it rains, we will get wet.
    (B) If it is raining, we will get wet.
    (C) We will get wet on raining.
    (D) Raining it is and we will get wet.
  9. A bad …__…….. quarrels with his tools.?
    (Choose the most appropriate)
    (A) cobbler (B) carpenter
    (C) farmer (D) mechanic
  10. This work of art is worthy …__…….. praise.?
    (Choose the correct preposition)
    (A) of (B) for
    (C) off (D) to
  11. Choose the correctly spelt word?
    (A) Entrepreneur (B) Enterpeneur
    (B) Enterprenuir (D) Entripreneur
  12. Choose the correct synonym of ‘clue’.?
    (A) Subject (B) object
    (C) Hint (D) unknown
  13. Give one word substitution for 😕
    ‘One who champions the cause of women’
    (A) lover (B) feminist
    (C) beloved (D) champion
  14. One of my sisters ……__…… going on a trip to France?

(Choose the correct option)
(A) are (B) is
(C) has (D) have

  1. His garden is very large?
    (Choose the correct antonym of the underlined word.)
    (A) small (B) big
    (C) enormous (D) huge
  2. Manoj said to Mukesh, “May I borrow your book?
    (Choose the correct indirect narration)
    (A) Manoj asked Mukesh if he will borrow your book.
    (B) Manoj asked Mukesh if he might borrow his book.
    (C) Manoj said to Mukesh to borrow his book.
    (D) Manoj asked by Mukesh to borrow his book.
  3. Choose the correctly spelt word ?
    (A) Wednesday (B) Widnesday
    (C) Wadnesday (D) Wednessday
  4. My daughter is learning to play …__……. Violin.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) a (B) an
    (C) the (D) no article
  5. Let me …__….. the classroom, please.?
    (Choose the best option)
    (A) leave (B) leaving
    (B) left (D) will leave
  6. Choose the correct sentence?
    (A) Their dog ran away while they were in the park.
    (B) Their dog ran away while they are in the park.
    (C) There dog ran away while they were in the park.
    (D) The dog run away while there were in the park.
  7. I was ……__….. to go back home.?
    (Choose the correct phrase)
    (A) in an instant (B) infact
    (C) in a hurry (D) in force
  8. I did not come …__……. you did not call me.?
    (Choose the correct conjuction)
    (A) because (C) and
    (B) if (D) before
  9. Ram …__………. called me twice this morning.?
    (Choose the best modal verb)
    (A) has (B) have
    (C) had (D) having
  10. Gandhi Jayanti is being celebrated.?
    (Choose the correct active voice)
    (A) People celebrated Gandhi Jayanti.
    (B) People will be celebrating Gandhi Jayanti.
    (C) People may celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.
    (D) People are celebrating Gandhi Jayanti.
  11. She had come here …__………. the function started.?
    (Choose the correct preposition)
    (A) before (B) behind
    (B) at (D) for
  12. Naina’s mother asked ……__…. to clean the kitchen.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) she (B) it
    (C) they (D) her
  13. My cold is definitely ……__……. this morning.?
    (Choose the best option)
    (A) worse (C) worst
    (B) worsen (D) worseen
  14. It was too late …__……… out for dinner.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) go (B) to go
    (C) going (D) gone
  15. Rohan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look …__…..?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) unique (B) different
    (C) likely (D) alike
  16. She doesn’t like him …__….. ?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) doesn’t she (B) didn’t she
    (C) won’t she (D) does she
  17. He does not work hard and only …__……. castle in the air.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) makes (B) made
    (C) built (D) is make
  18. I prepared hard for the examination.?
    (Choose the correct negative)
    (A) I was not preparing hard for the examination.
    (B) I had not prepared hard for the examination.
    (C) I did not prepare hard for the examination.
    (D) I prepared not hard for the examination.
  19. A wise man profits ……__….. the mistake of others.?
    (Choose the correct preposition)
    (A) through (C) from
    (B) with (D) by
  20. Choose the incorrect sentence.?
    (A) I sold all my furnitures.
    (B) They help each other.
    (C) Please help the poor.
    (D) My son is six months old.
  21. He …__……… after a short struggle.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) give (B) give up
    (C) gave up (D) giving up
  22. Choose the correctly spelt word.?
    (A) Paralel. (B) Peralel
    (C) Parallel (D) Parelel
    Instruction : Questions from 37 to 60 are based on the prescribed
  23. ‘The past is not dead and static, it is alive and dynamic’ is taken from
    (A) I Have a Dream (C) Bharat is My Home
    (B) A Child is Born (D) The Artist
  24. Rupthoka is a ……__….. in Bangladesh?
    (A) poem (B) music
    (C) song (D) fairy tale
  25. Who belongs to the Caucasian race?
    (A) Chinese (B) Indian
    (C) Japanese (D) Bhutanese
  26. …__…….. and peasants were the people Pearl S. Buck wanted to
    meet while in India.?
    (A) Intellectuals (B) Women
    (C) Industrialists (D) Children
  27. ‘A Marriage Proposal’ is a …__………..?
    (A) story (B) travelogue
    (C) comedy (D) tragedy
  28. The name of Benjy’s wife was …__……..?
    (A) Nancy (B) Amande
    (C) Florence (D) Mary
  29. The curio-dealer sold the ground to a wealthy …__……?
    (A) Collector (B) doctor
    (C) teacher (D) father
  30. Martin Luther king, Jr. refers to ghetto meaning …__……?
    (A) affluent area (B) slum area
    (C) wealthy locality (D) commercial area
  31. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a …__………..?
    (A) scientist (B) politician
    (C) mathematician (D) anthropologist
  32. The editorial policy of a newspaper is controlled by …__……?
    (A) discontent (B) reality
    (C) bankruptcy (D) advertisement
  33. ‘Nurse’s …__…….. will not last ;?
    (A) flowers (B) stone
    (C) sun (D) rivers
  34. Who among the following is a metaphysical poet ?
    (A) T S Eliot (B) John Keats
    (C) John Donne (D) John Dryden
  35. Macavity is full of …__…….?
    (A) deceit (B) generosity
    (C) humility (D) honesty
  36. ‘The burning ghat erupted phosphorescence’ is taken from …__……?
    (A) Song of Myself (B) Ode to Autumn
    (C) Fire-Hymn (D) An Epitaph
  37. Walter de la Mare belongs to the ……__…….. Age?
    (A) Augustan (B) Classical
    (C) Jacobean (D) Modern
  38. The poetess in ‘My Grandmother’s House’ desires for …__….. from
    (A) food (B) love
    (C) jewellery (D) respect
  39. The poet was at the water-trough to ……__…..?
    (A) have a steal (B) see the river
    (C) enjoy nature (D) quench his thirst
  40. Rupert Brooke died of ……__……..?
    (A) heart attack (B) brain haemorrhage
    (C) kidney failure (D) septicaemia
  41. ‘Arms raised stiffly to reprove’ …__…….. is taken from.?
    (A) Song of Myself
    (B) Snake
    (C) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast
    (D) Ode to Autumn
    56 …__…. has emerged in different parts of the world.?
    (A) American English (B) New English
    (B) Indian English (D) British English
  42. Who was the greatest dramatist of the Elizabethan Age
    (A) Charles Dickens (B) Daniel Defoe
    (C) Henry James (D) Shakespeare
  43. ……__……. has its own ‘Received Pronunciation’.?
    (A) German (B) English
    (C) Russian (D) Hindi
  44. Who wrote ‘Chitra’?
    (A) Rabindranath Tagore (B) Toru Dutt
    (C) Aurobindo Ghosh (D) Sarojini Naidu
  45. The word ‘drama’ comes from …__…….?
    (A) Latin (B) British
    (C) Scandinavian (D) Greek
  46. He has no money …__….. spend.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) With (B) at
    (C) to (D) by
  47. I saw a tiger. I cried out.
    (Choose the suitable combination of sentences)
    (A) I cry as I see a tiger. (B) I crying when I see a tiger.
    (C) Seeing a tiger, I cry. (D) I cried out on seeing a tiger.
  48. ……__…… I come in, teacher ?
    (Choose the correct auxiliary verb)
    (A) have (B) may
    (C) should (D) could
  49. He said, “I can speak English”.?
    (Choose the correct indirect speech)
    (A) He said that he could speak English.
    (B) He says that he speaks English.
    (C) He is saying that he speaks English.
    (D) He will say that he speaks English.
  50. I am satisfied …__………. your progress.?
    (Choose the suitable preposition)
    (A) by (B) on
    (C) to (D) with
  51. He usually ……__……. in ink.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) writes (B) wrote
    (C) has written (D) was written
  52. Choose the correct sentence.?
    (A) I admire your boldness. (B) Boldness is admiring I.
    (C) I his boldness admire. (D) I have admire his boldness.
  53. It was a ……__…. Job.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) tire (B) tired
    (C) tiring (D) will tire
  54. ……__……. pen writes well.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) A (B) An
    (C) The (D) no article
  55. Choose the correctly spelt word 😕
    (A) Decey (B) Deciy
    (C) Ducey (D) Decay
  56. Suresh will not repair the scooter.?
    (Change into passive voice)
    (A) The scooter repairing not by Suresh.
    (B) The scooter is repaired not by Suresh.
    (C) The scooter will not be repaired by Suresh.
    (D) Suresh not repaired the scooter.
  57. A man whose wife is dead …__……?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Widow (B) Divorce
    (C) Widower (D) Murderer
  58. The synonym of ‘Hopeful’ is …__………?
    (A) serious (B) tidy
    (C) sleepy (D) optimistic
  59. The story is told by the teacher.
    (Change into active voice)
    (A) The teacher telling the story. (B) The teacher tells the story.
    (C) Story telling by the teacher. (D) Teacher told the story.
  60. The antonym of ‘curable’ is …__…….?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Fast (B) Incurable
    (C) Soft (D) Cultural
  61. There is an exception …__……. every rule.?
    (Choose the correct preposition)
    (A) for (B) to
    (C) from (D) of
  62. He …__…. to talk to you.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) was wanting (B) is wanting
    (C) wants (D) want
  63. Choose the odd one 😕
    (A) Sari (B) Skirt
    (C) Frock (D) Sugar
  64. We should …__.. bad company.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) acquire (B) avoid
    (C) belief (D) accuse
  65. The statue is very ……….___…..?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) better (B) worse
    (C) tolerable (D) beautiful
  66. The school …__…. at 3 pm.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) because of (B) break down
    (C) bring up (D) breaks up
  67. He showed me __….. greatest respect.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) a (B) an
    (C) the (D) no article
  68. The President …__… the winners on their success.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) praised (B) propagated
    (C) wished (D) congratulated
  69. Find the wrongly spelt word 😕
    (A) Superman (B) Watchman
    (C) Fiserman (D) Batsman
    Instruction: Questions from 85 to 100 are based on the
    prescribed texts :
  70. ‘A man is not necessarily happy because he is rich, or unhappy
    because he is poor’ – is taken from?
    (A) Indian Civilization and Culture.
    (B) Bharat is My Home.
    (C) How Free is the Press.
    (D) Ideas That Have Helped Mankind.
  71. What characterizes new India after independence ?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Quiet confidence and unyielding idealism
    (B) Regret for remaining in slavery
    (C) Anger against her former rulers
    (D) Squalor, hunger and disease
  72. The hobby of collecting gourds is called …__… pastime in ‘The
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) effeminate (B) good
    (C) mainly (D) bad
  73. The past is not dead and static, it is …__…?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) repetitive (B) alive and dynamic
    (C) recurring (D) reappearing
  74. ‘A Pinch of snuff’ is …..?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) a short story (B) an essay
    (C) a drama (D) a speech
  75. Benjy’s father handed him a passbook at the age of ….?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) 20 (B) 21
    (C) 22 (D) 23
  76. Who will make quicker journey than the sun ?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) John Donne (B) W Whiteman
    (C) W H Auden (D) T S Eliot
  77. ‘Dead in hundreds at the back/Follow …__…. in our track? ‘Now the
    Leaves are Falling Fast’
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) wooden (B) human
    (C) rural (D) urban
  78. ‘Ode to ……__…..’ is a romantic poem.?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Season (B) Winter
    (C) Rain (D) Autumn
  79. Who composed ‘The Soldier’ ?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Rupert Brooke (B) Kamala Das
    (C) W H Auden (D) John Donne
  80. Macavity is called ……__……….?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) The Hidden Paw (B) The Exposed Paw
    (C) The Naughtily (D) The Mysterious Paw
  81. The poet was with his ………., passing by the cremation ghat.
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) father (B) brother
    (C) son (D) sister
  82. Who were known as ‘the University Wits’?
    (Choose the most suitable option)
    (A) Elizabethan Scholars (B) Victorian Scholars
    (C) Indian Scholars (D) British Scholars
  83. Who wrote ‘Arms and the Man’ ?
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) G. B. Shaw (B) William Shakespeare
    (C) Marlowe (D) Ben Johson
  84. ……__….. was a dominant influence on Middle English.
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) Indian (B) Scandinavian
    (C) Greek (D) Latin
  85. ……__……. will be the common language for us.
    (Choose the correct option)
    (A) American English (B) Global Standard English
    (C) Indian English (D) British English
    (Descriptive Type Questions)
  86. Write an essay on any one of the following in about 150-200 words.
    (A) Covid 19 and its impact
    (B) Might is Right
    (C) Discipline
    (D) Flood
    (E) Pollution
  87. Explain any one of the following : 1×4=4
    (A) It turned out that the Minister and Lala Sohanlal, once the best of
    friends, were now at daggers drawn.
    (B) Speeches may be made, of course, but they will not reach the
    wider public, for they will not be reported in full.
    (C) Justice was tolerably fair. The ordinary rule was to avoid courts.
    (D) The fact of the matter is, I have come to ask for your daughter
    Natalia’s hand in marriage.
  88. Explain any one of the following : 1×4=4
    (A) Starving through the leafless wood
    Trolls run scolding for their food.
    (B) How often I think of going
    There, to peer through blind eyes of windows
    (C) And when I crumble, who will remember
    This lady of the west country?
    (D) At whatever time the deed took place
  89. Write a letter to your grandfather, enquiring about his recovery from
    Covid 19.
    Write a letter to your Principal, enquiring about the examination
  90. Answer any five of the following in about 40-50 words : 5×2=10
    (A) What are Pearls S. Buck’s views about Indian peasants and their
    children ?
    (B) What had Benjy’s parents expected when they handed the
    passbook to him?
    (C) What was the role of fire in human development ?
    (D) What is the relevance of Martine Luther King, Jr.’s speech ?
    (E) Why is Macavity never accused of committing a crime?
    (F) In what way will the lovers be united ?
    (G) What does the speaker in ‘Song of Myself’ observe in summer?
    (H) Why did the Old English Period fail to produce literature of much
    significance ?
    (I) What is meant by ‘Great Vowel Shift’ ?
    (J) Write a note on Indian Drama ?
  91. Answer any three of the following in about 100-120 words 3×5=15
    (A) Write the summary of any one of the following poems :-
    (i) Ode to Autumn
    (ii) Fire-Hymn
    (iii) Song of Myself
    (B) Write the summary of any one of the following prose-pieces –
    (i) The Earth
    (ii) Bharat is My Home
    (iii) Ideas that Have Helped Mankind
    (C) Write a note on Modern English
    How can we improve our English?
    Write a note on Indian English Novel.
    (D) Match the names of the poets given in List-A with their works
    in List-B.
    List –A List-B
    (i) Rupert Brooke (a) Ode to Autumn
    (ii) Walt Whitman (b) Snake
    (iii) John Keats (c) The Soldier
    (iv) Walter de la Mare (d) An Epitaph
    (v) D H Lawrence (e) Song of Myself

    (F) Match the names of the authors given in List-A with their works in
    List-A List-B
    (i) H E Bates (a) India Through a Traveller’s Eyes
    (ii) Pearl S. Buck (b) A Marriage Proposal
    (iii) Anton Chekhov (c) The Artist
    (iv) Manohar Malagaonkar (d) The Earth
    (v) Shiga Naoya (e) A Pinch of snuf
  92. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow : 4
    Food can maintain and save life. Proper food serves as
    medicine, improper food works as poison. A little care about the
    quality and quantity of food will keep us healthy and happy. If we go
    about eating all sorts of things, we shall become sick. We should not
    become slaves to our tongue or taste. Eating junk food leads us to
    be obese and diabetic.
    (i) What are the functions of food ?
    (ii) What can a little care about food do to us?
    (iii) What does junk food do to our body?
    (iv) Make sentences with : Food, Medicine.
    Write a précis of the following passage and give a suitable title :
    The earth has given us many gifts. That is why we call it
    mother. One of its gifts is trees. Trees release oxygen which is
    necessary for our life. They prevent soil erosion and protect us from
    severe weather. They play a critical role in maintaining balance in
    the ecosystem

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