All Types of Questions Regarding Freshers or Experienced Candidate Salary in terms of CTC and In-hand.

What is the salary at Accenture?

For BTech Freshers:

  • Associate Software Engineer (ASE) – INR 4.5 LPA
  • Full Stack Engineer/Advanced ASE – INR 6.5 LPA
  • Advanced Application Engineering Analyst – INR 12.6 LPA (offered at top engineering colleges like NIT, VIT, Thapar)
  • Management Consulting Delivery Associate – INR 16 LPA (offered at IITs)

For MBA Graduates:

  • Strategy Analyst (offered at Tier 1 MBA colleges like IIM ABCLIK, FMS, XLRI) – INR 32 LPA CTC
  • Technology Consulting Analyst (offered at Tier 2 MBA colleges like NMIIMS, SIBM, new IIMs, IITs) – INR 18-20 LPA CTC
  • Business Analyst (offered at decently reputed MBA colleges like Baby IIMs, IMT) – INR 10 LPA
  • Platform Associate (offered at other MBA colleges) – INR 5.5 LPA CTC

Salary After 2yrs or 5 yrs in Accenture?

As a fresh candidate starting at Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer (Level 12) with an annual salary of INR 4.5 LPA, you can expect the following career progression:

  • After a year, with moderate to good visibility with your Team Lead or Manager, you can become a Software Engineer Analyst (Level 11) with a salary ranging from INR 4.5 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA based on your performance rating.
  • In the next 2 years, with hard work and a good impression with your Team Lead or Manager, you can reach the level of Senior Software Engineer Analyst (SSE) with a salary of between INR 5.5 LPA to INR 7.0 LPA based on your rating.
  • Reaching the next level of Team Lead (Level 9) in the following 2 years requires more effort, ownership, and a strong reputation with your Manager.

Your salary will depend on various factors such as your project, your performance, and your relationship with your Team Lead and Manager. On average, you can expect a salary of between INR 7.5 LPA to INR 9.5 LPA after 5 years.

Salary After 7 yrs in Accenture?

Your salary will depend on the following conditions:

  • If you have worked continuously at Accenture for 7 years, your salary should be around more than INR 8 LPA fixed as per IT industry standards.
  • If you have switched to another organization (better than Accenture) with strong technical skills, your salary could be around INR 12-15 LPA.
  • If you have switched 2-3 organizations, your salary could be between INR 15-17 LPA, depending on your skill set.

What is the hike and Promotion in Accenture for lateral or Experienced?

At Accenture, freshers can expect to receive a substantial salary hike. The company aims to align their salaries with industry standards, with a hike of up to 10-12% for top-rated employees and 20-30% on promotion.

For lateral hires with a higher starting salary of 30-40% compared to their previous job, the hike will be comparatively lower at 4-8% for top-rated employees and 10-15% for promotions. As you advance in your career, the hike percentage decreases.

However, if you bring a niche skill or a highly in-demand skill to the company as a new hire, you can expect a good salary hike, ranging from 10-15% for top-rated employees and 15-20% for promotions.

What is in-hand salary for 6.5 to 7 LPA in Accenture?

The take-home salary at Accenture may be lower due to a high proportion of variable pay. For instance, if you were offered a package of 7 LPA, 22% of this amount would be considered as a variable component. To determine the fixed component, you would need to subtract the variable component, which would be around 1.2 LPA, from the total package.

The fixed component would then be around 5.8 LPA, of which 12% would go towards your Provident Fund (PF), which is estimated at around 20k per year. This would leave you with a monthly in-hand salary of approximately 47-48k.

However, to receive the full 22% variable component, you would need to be a top performer. If you are an average employee, you can expect to receive 8% of the fixed component, which would be equivalent to 49k, paid out as 24k in November and 24k in June, after deducting tax. You would receive approximately 20k in take-home pay for the variable component.

Does Accenture increase salaries every year?

At Accenture, performance does play a role in determining a hike. New hires, or laterals, can expect a hike in their first year to align with industry standards. However, the specific project you work on and the support from your manager are also crucial factors in determining your hike and potential promotion. It Depends on the Manager.

In hand salary in Accenture at 9.5 LPA with 15% variable?

The in-hand salary will be approximately 62,000 rupees before tax deductions.

The calculation is based on an overall salary of 9.5 LPA, including 15.65% variable pay. The fixed pay is estimated to be 8.21 LPA. The basic pay is calculated as 35% of 8.21 LPA, which is 2.87 LPA. The monthly contribution to the Provident Fund (PF) is 2870 rupees. The monthly gross pay is calculated by dividing the fixed pay by 12, which is 68416 rupees. The in-hand salary is calculated by subtracting the monthly PF (2 * 2870) and the Professional Tax (200) from the monthly gross pay.

In hand salary in Accenture at 11.5 LPA with 15.65% variable?

The fixed pay is approximately 10 LPA. Basic pay is calculated as 35% of 10 LPA, which is 3.5 LPA. The Provident Fund (PF) is calculated as 12% of 3.5 LPA, which is 42,000 per annum or 3,500 per month. The monthly gross pay is 83,333 (10 LPA divided by 12 months). The in-hand salary, after deducting the PF and Profession Tax (200), is 76,133 without considering Tax Deducted at Source (TDS). TDS will vary based on the individual’s tax declaration. The variable component of 15.65% will be paid biannually.

What will be the in-hand salary at Accenture for Team Lead with 16 LPA?

The variable pay component at this position in Accenture is estimated to be around 18.65%. The fixed component of the salary is approximately 13 LPA. After deducting the Tax and Provident Fund (PF) amount, which is estimated to be around 2 LPA, the in-hand monthly salary is expected to be between 83,000 to 90,000.

Accenture United States Salary

The average salary at Accenture varies from $33,000 to $190,110 per year, with the range being from a Subject Matter Expert to a Mobilization Manager. The average hourly pay at Accenture varies from $12.49 for a Janitor to $85.79 for a Technical Consultant. The salary information is based on 9,660 data points collected from employees, users, and job advertisements on Indeed over the past 36 months. It’s important to note that these figures are only rough estimates provided by third parties to Indeed and should only be used for comparison purposes. Actual salaries may vary based on jurisdiction and it’s advisable to consult the employer for more accurate figures.

Average Salaries at Accenture USA

IT Operations & Helpdesk Salary at Accenture USA

Management Salary at Accenture USA

Administrative Assistance Salary at Accenture USA

How much vacation and PTO does Accenture have?

We surveyed 2,310 current and former employees about the number of paid vacation days they received for their role. According to the respondents, the range was between 10-20 days. When asked about the usage of their paid time off, the respondents reported taking 10-20 days. 357 employees also responded to a question about paid personal days at Accenture, and the response was that they did not receive any paid personal days. Sick leave or Illness time off is 7 days per year.