"Why Tarpon Springs, Florida is a great place to soak up Greek culture"

 The most magical small towns are those that successfully retain their original character and culture. Just an hour's drive northeast from downtown Tampa is one of central Florida's most colorful examples of this magic, Tarpon Springs.

 First established in 1887 as a winter resort town, the focus soon shifted to harvesting the plentiful sponges that could be found in the Gulf of Mexico. By 1905, the immigration of over 500 experienced Greek sponge divers and their families had begun.

 "The Greek immigrants flourished and the sponge industry became the largest industry in Florida (even bigger than tourism or citrus), with Tarpon Springs becoming known as the "Sponge Capital of the World"

 "Today, this charming small town boasts the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the country, and the sponge industry is once again dominating the world's supply of natural sponges.

 "Visit the Tarpon Springs Museum in Craig Park for further insights into the local Greek community, including exhibits on daily life, religion, celebrations and, of course, food"

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